Awesome Company Lets Kids Wear Their Imagination

– This awesome company lets creative kids design and create their own dress! And the process is surprisingly simple: just give your kid the colouring page template, let them fill it in with their custom illustrations, and send it off to be printed with the “Picture This” company!

– The concept was brought to life by Mom and entrepreneur Jaimee Newberry. The idea for her company, “Picture This”, popped into her head after spending hours sewing a recreation her daughter Zia’s drawing as a personalized dress. Zia adored the rainbow dress and frequently told everyone, “I’m wearing my imagination!”.

– Newberry wanted to bring this same opportunity to more kids, but the process of creating a custom pattern and sewing a dress took a lot of time and money. Surely there was a better way! “We wanted something that could be accessible to a lot kids, of a broad spectrum of social and economic status, and also be an easily scalable business model,” Newberry says.

“So with a little more brainstorming we came up with our concept for Picture This Clothing.”


——>>> Idea <<<—–

“We’ve created a simple, printable colouring book style template, where kids can doodle, stick stickers, paste pictures, and do any other kind of fun hands-on creative arts and crafts things they can dream up. Parents take a photo of the artwork (easiest with a smartphone), place the order from our site, and we send back a custom cut-and-sewn article of clothing.”

So far, “Picture This” only offers kids sizes. But stick around! The company will hopefully expand to offer options for adults too!

⇓ Technique ⇓



I found this idea very creative and nice to keep kids art safe and to encourage them at the same time to design, create, and expresses their feelings, thoughts, and imaginable world.

In this case we can deal with the kid as a tester, designer, and informant, while this idea is strongly describing the steps of involving the kids in designing process, under the name and use of ” Co-design”.

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