Our main goal is to help transform children from passive technology users into passionate inventors and prepare them to become future innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our pedagogy, curriculum and lesson plans provide kids with a strong foundation to understand technology: how it works, why it works and how to think in order to invent new solutions. Computer science education is an excellent way to help kids acquire 21st century skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity.

During our programs, kids become comfortable with prototyping, designing, testing and programming, all important aspects of the innovation process.

“Robots don’t think but human do, so we need to tell them what to do” (the beginning of understanding programming).

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Technology nowadays has the widest rule in our life, it is leading us, structuring and framing our life, this idea direct me to the importance of involving technology in new generation’s activities, specially their early years, even though technology is seen everywhere in our homes, offices, schools, but still needs to be controlled to introduce it to our kids in an appropriate way, so it can serve our community, and perfectly build those kids personality, without affecting on their well being, imagination, and communication. we need to transfer and expand their responsibility towards technology from having these devices as playing and wasting time tools to become a way of teaching, creating and interpreting their imaginable ideas that no one else can feel or understand, unless they express it.



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