Colours and Light..

I have always been interested in the relation between shapes, colours, and light. how those three elements affect on each other and what is the golden ratio in mixing them to reach the perfection.

*My ideas about the relation between Colours and light:

> Colours:

-The impact of colour on space psychology is very important and it’s ability to affect on our mood (Green, for example, is the colour of nature and as such is typically experienced as calm and restful, whereas red is stimulating and certain shades of blue are often seen as cold).

– The use of specific colour scheme within any space should be considered in relation with the size of the room (space), over than what type of furniture and accessorize will be used to create our preferred theme.

– Another interesting idea to keep in mind is the relation between colour and what activity will be held inside this space.


Image result for light and colour in interior design
psychology of colours


> Light: Natural/ Artificial

– without light we can’t see, we can’t recognize the beauty of textures, colours, shades, and reflections, It is  one of the most important elements that can extremely affect our experience inside the designed space in relation with the mood of design, the richness of the idea, and the size of the space.

– The combination between colour and light bring to life magical spaces to enjoy.

– The way we “see” colour primarily depends on two things:

1.  The light that an object absorbs. Black absorbs all colours; white absorbs none; blue absorbs red.

2.  How the light source works. Natural light (sunlight) changes throughout the day and is affected by a room’s location. Artificial light changes with the type of bulb you use.

– The use of  focused light (such as spotlights) on specific part of monochromatic painted wall we can easily see that this light created another shade of the same colour. while the use of light in straight line can specify a path or design a journey inside the space, another nice use is to focus on one activity, sculpture or even sitting area within the room.

– Light can highlight and give the real value of used materials, so if the place is well lit, it will be cosy, comfortable, and attractive.

– A lighting scheme should be fit for a variety of different purposes and different times of day.

– Nowadays light started to have a strong appearance as a designing tool not just to lighten the space, it is the design by itself.

Image result for light in interior design
Light as a design concept
Image result
Lightening theme in a modern flat
Image result for light in interior design
lightening dark areas to specify directions


interior-lighting-tips  LIGHTING TIPS IN INTERIOR DESIGN interior lighting tips
Entrance lightening


-Another amazing trick is to Position your recessed downlights approximately 2 feet away from the edge of your walls onto your ceilings as a starting point. Try to avoid creating any shadows. Then space your downlights evenly across the room for a balanced look.

Infographic - Map out your recessed lights on the ceiling
How to map out your Recessed lights




*** Example ***

A fantastic example of the relation between light and colour is clearly seen through the designing of “The Colour Inside / Overland Partners + James Turrell Skyspace “

 In this project It has been used both natural and artificial light, with different monochromatic colours to produce the best place for relaxing, enjoying, and thinking about the natural beauty of our universe.

The Color Inside,© Florian Holzherr
The view inside the room


The Color Inside,Floor Plan
Floor plan
The Color Inside,Section


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