Colour as a visual element

Colours have very important rule in the designing of any space, it is not easy, and simply used element, it is very complicated, and  structured steps to reach the perfection. To chose what colours we need to use within any space, it is very important to keep in mind few components to decide in relation to them the right colour scheme to be used.

> Things to consider:

>Users ( age, gender, position)

>Activities (studying, playing, eating, exhibiting, etc.)

>Location ( in relation to the sunrise, traffic, etc.)



It is not about using colours we love or we would like to see, it is more about the psychological sense we want to load the place with…!

> Colour theory:

provide us with practical guidance to mix colours together to create interesting colour combinations.

  • Primary colours: the main colours in Red, Yellow, Blue.
  • Secondary colours: Green, Orange, Purple. by mixing equal portions of primary colours together.
  • Tertiary colours: made by mixing primary colour with a neighbouring secondary colour.

Image result


> If we separate the colour wheel in the middle into two sections, we will get two categories: cold and warm.


calmness, stability and efficiency.

use : businesses, schools and hospitals


Bright, fun, creativity, excitement.

use: kids spaces, playgrounds.

Related image

> Colour rules:

Those rules are used to create harmony, contrast, and generate the perfect colour scheme for our space.

  • Monochromatic colours: are shades and tents of the same colour.(simple, easy,
  • Analogous colours: colours found on the colour wheel close to each other.(more heavy than monochromatic and have more contrast.
  • Complementary colours: are found on opposite ends of the colour wheel ( have high contrast, toproduce vibrant exciting colour schemes).
  • Triadic colours: spaced equally on the colour wheel (produce vibrant effect).

Related image


3-How to Use Color in Film - Example of Movie Color Palette and Schemes - Color Theory Film - Balanced Colors-min

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