Psychology of Colours

The rule of the colour within any space has a very strong impress on the mood, creating the atmosphere, and building the identity of the space in relation with the activity and users.

>> Brown:

Made of black, yellow, grey, green, red or orange and even purple. This colour will bring to our memory straight away the feeling of ( Earth, chocolate, coffee, cakes),which reflect the feeling of Naturalness, Security, Stability, Depth, Warmth and Comfort to your home. it could be reached using Wood, Wool textiles to create rustic effect

>> White: (Refreshed, Clear, Quiet, Pure feeling).

White may give the impression that it is much higher than it is and can give an invigorating freshness you can use white in combination with other neutral colours.

>> Grey: (Elegancy)

Grey colour effect depends very much on the colour shade that you will use. For example, if grey has a yellow tint may be depressed, especially if you have things in the room in various shades of brown. But a beautiful shade of grey, in combination with not very bright white colour, can create a clean and refreshing appearance. If you have too many grey areas will become predominant and create a boring environment.

>> Black: (Elegant and Bold)

If it is put on a light or neutral background colour, everything which is black will stand, do not use too much black, but only to highlight certain things like picture frames, small tables, etc.

>> Greens:  (health, fertility and new beginnings, and refreshed)

green bedroom

>> Purple:  (Wisdom, Wealth and Luxury)

purple study room

>> Yellow: good idea for a playroom because it represents friendliness and openness.

yellow play room

>> Reds and pinks: (creativity and excitement as well as passion and love)

red kitchen



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