Analysis 1

– While I was summarizing  and analysing what research I did to highlight what topics I am interested in and what research I still need to do; I found myself falling unconsciously in the idea of working with kids.

– My passion about this topic came from my strong believe that what we implant in our kids souls now, will bloom in our future.

– From this idea I started to think about the places where kids spend the majority of their daily hours, how they look like? what mood and emotions they transmit? how enjoyable and attractive from kids point of view? are they easily accessible? how they could be designed to provide  knowledge and science, plus being creative and stylish? what are the elements that can highlight and identify the space( colours, lights, shapes)?

– All of these questions and considerations came into my mind and I tried to answer them in a way or other. while finding the exact answer will be reached after experiencing the idea of working with kids and passing through all the thought and tips I read from others experiences.





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