The use of technology as a tool for kids with learning difficulties

>>’Serious games’ for children with autism could provide new therapy options:

– It is a new generation of computer games designed to be more than recreational diversion. they can be used for education, and health care application.

– As a part of those games, there is one called Re-mission it is used to explain and give understanding for the kids about their cancer and how the treatment works in their body, to show after that the improvements in their health  outcome.

– Those games, are cheaper, easier, more reliable, and reduce the time spent between doctors and hospitals, to become all merged in one device that can improve those kids, specially kids with autism disorder, this will reduce paid money, and save parents and kids time, other than giving the child the feeling of being controlling himself rather than a doctor doing.

>> Digital stories as a method for evidence-based practice and knowledge Co-creation in technology- enhanced learning for children with autism:

– Storytelling is a very effective way of sending ideas, and notes specially for kids with autism disorder who find it usually hard to read from a book, or communicate with others. this technology based on the use of films or narrated sequences of slides and images that conveyed key views about experiences and practices with or around the technologies.

– The testing of this technology in one of the schools showed very nice, and important results, specially that the teachers found it useful to use their voices and merge them with the usability, flexibility, and productivity of technology. furthermore the stories and testing it in schools showed that both the process of creation and the final outcome provided a concrete grounding for knowledge co-creation about teaching practices and how technology enhanced learning.


In my point of view, the use of technology should be at the first step used to focused on how we can make our life easier, more safe, timesaver, and cheap for people with special needs or learning difficulties!.this will affect positively on our productivity and build strong personalities that is able to improve, control and lead their wellbeing and health conditions and treat themselves by their own, by knowing, discovering, and even producing and programing their own technological software’s and tools.


>> References:

– New gaming therapy:

– Digital stories as a method :


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