What is the best (perfect) combination in creating our kids little fantasy world?


– Thinking about kids bedrooms as a tool to introduce those kids to our technological life that they will face very soon, from this point I started to create a way to encourage the new generation to understand and love technology.

light, colour, shapes, textures, voices, playing inside the room.

Four walls with a door, windows, furniture, and some accessories those are the common elements in any room, by changing the look of these elements we can create different spaces, and different themes to specify the room activity.

Kids rooms:


  • To convert a boring space into more fun, enjoyable, and loved space.
  • The use of technology in our designing by presenting it in a simple, easy, and helpful way to our kids.
  • Improve young generations’ Motivation, curiosity, memory, and vocabulary.
  • How to encourage them to use this technology!?
  • How to build an entertain world while keeping the idea of learning inside a bedroom!?


>> Colours/ Touch: ⇒ communication, creation

>> Smell/ Listen /Light: ⇒ Motivate, encourage

>> 3d walls: ⇒ instead of boring walls.

– Kids world is totally different from ours, our mission is to connect between their imaginable world (games, stars, flying, etc.…) and our real world.

– It is very important to start the learning journey and to build our kids sense of creativity from there early age by involving them in different activities.

– From this point, I started to think about how could I improve any space!!!?


we can use smart walls which is able to be switched on/off from parent’s mobile phone, with a day/ night, seasonal, weather system, to improve the kid’s connection with outside world.


The same system of the walls needs to have voices, to build word-sound awareness this will help their memory and vocabulary, this could be provided with more than one language (every morning to pronounce good morning/ bonjour). At the same time to have the word written on the wall (using little leds taking the electricity from a solar power system).


will be able through simple games fixed on the walls, and some drawings on the wallpaper (some of them coloured, and some not so that the kid can colour at the same way he is seeing the drawing coloured).

In thinking about what improvements can we add to kids original rooms, to make it more fun, enjoyable, and loved while involving technology in our design.



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